What is WeChat and how to use it for marketing?

Marketing on WeChat first requires an understanding of how it works as a Social Media platform, followed by knowledge of it’s use within (and outside) China. Most people compare it to WhatsApp, and maybe Facebook, but this truly is an over-simplification! Messaging, yes. Sharing with friends, yes. But also payments (like PayPal), shops (like Amazon), apps (like Apple App Store/Google Play) and the list goes on.


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The behind-the-scenes technology, as well as the features for it’s 1.15 billion active users (per month, Tencent 2019 Q3 results), advance at a rapid rate and can at times be difficult to keep on top of. Indeed, many features which have become a part of western tools are first devised on WeChat, and at last count (Q4 2020) the owners of WeChat, Tencent, were the 7th biggest company in the world by Market Capitalisation.

WeChat users send 45 billion messages a day

Harvard Business Review

The App has become an integral part of daily life in China; In the morning over breakfast, travelling to and from work on the tube, during work discussing with friends & colleagues alike, and after dinner playing games with your family. As a result, their is ample opportunity to be a part of a potential customer’s daily experience, allowing brands to develop a strong connection with them.

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90% of Chinese professionals use WeChat for workplace communication

South China Morning Post

How can AZYA help?

For many years now, AZYA has been using WeChat to engage with customers in a way that maximises loyalty and minimises churn. We offer a multitude of services for brands wishing to open and expand engagement with the end user in China.

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