All wine is not made equal


No-one knows the digital wine market in China quite like we do …

..our team has 20 years experience in the digital and traditional Chinese wine market.

AZYA are the Wine Specialists!

We have been in the industry long enough to know that not every winery is made the same. A territory can make a big difference, as does experience, history and outlook. It’s because of this that AZYA has a solution for each and every wine brand – from highly tailored solutions to “straight from the winery” cross border e-Commerce!

Vineyard to Consumer
Tier 1

For small producers
(below 250k bottles / year) to ship directly from the vineyard.

List on AZYA network
Tier 2

Curated brands, chosen exclusively by the AZYA team to align with our brand identity.

Launch your brand in China
Tier 3

Take control of your brand vision, identity, sales channels and pricing. For larger wine brands.